Saba Pistachios

Saba Pistachios - Villamalea, Albacete, España 

Saba Pistachios is a Spanish company formed by professionals specialized in the cultivation of organic and high quality pistachio.

Our farm is located in the region of Castilla-La Mancha, in the interior of the Region of La Manchuela, located in the province of Albacete. The weather conditions make this land ideal for the production of pistachio of the highest quality.

Our project was born with the ambition to offer the best organic and Spanish pistachio fruit. We take care of every detail in the cultivation and processing of pistachio to put in the hands of our customers a product of great value. Our national and international clients appreciate the taste and texture of a product grown in a sustainable way and respectful of our environment.

From SABA Pistachios we deal with the production, processing and commercialization of pistachio under a rigorous procedure in search of quality. Our lands have the seal of quality thanks to the environment, climate and crop properties.


As farmers, we are aware of the importance of moving towards the ecological to take care of your health and our planet. The most nutritious and best tasting foods are those that come from nature. Therefore, we get involved and invest our time and resources in the implementation of efficient irrigation practices in water use, bio-rational pest control and the use of 100% renewable energy.

We aim to offer our customers quality, food safety and superior service. We strive to maintain environmental sustainability in our processes and technologies prioritizing the conservation of energy, water and other resources. We firmly believe in the benefits of organic farming for the health care of our clients and for the protection of the environment.

Our processes incorporate:

  • Responsible Production with the Environment
  • Solar Energy Consumption
  • Reduction of water consumption


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