About Us

What does Salut365 stand for?
Naturally healthy taste sensations for active life lovers 365 days a year!
We are tired of sprayed crops, synthetic additives, animal farms that are far removed from anything that is natural, and ruthlessness towards ethics and the environment. Instead, we want to offer products whose raw materials, ingredients and production methods can withstand transparency, with honest communication that does not decomprehey consumers. Reliability and security are an important factor for many consumers, which is why we try to create traceability structures in order to offer products that meet our customers' values.
A little bit about how we work?
We prefer long-term and close relationships with dedicated and passionate people, who consider themselves to have an emotional responsibility for sustainable production methods. We therefore strive for active cooperation with suppliers who share our values. Origin and tradition are important and should be highly valued, because that is precisely what makes some products so much better than others.
What we offer?
As a rule, our products are ecologically certified, sometimes even biodynamic. We prefer healthy goods that saturate better, which means that in return you can eat less but better. We will eventually have a range that has something for every moment, a continental breakfast, something energetic for an active day in barren conditions or a gift that is appreciated by even the most discerning connoisseur. Of course, also delicacies that give a feeling of well-being and enrich your taste sensations.
What else?
We are passionate and driven. On the one hand, we like good and real food, food that saturates - eat less, eat better. But we are also merchants who like trading! Who is passionate about good and interesting products and has the will and knowledge to ensure that more people get to enjoy amazing food from all over the world!
Who runs Salut365?
Salut365 is a webshop operated by Salut Sales which, in addition to the webshop, also conducts import and export operations and sales support. Salut Sales home base is in Angelniemi, Southwestern Finland.
Retail outlets
We also sell to delicatessens, market halls and restaurants. Contact us for more information on office@salutsales.fi
''Salut365 - Online store with naturally healthy taste sensations for active life lovers 365 days a year!''
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