Pastificio Faella - IGP-PASTA, LUNGA LINGUINE. 500g.

PF0114500 Lunga Linguine, IGP-pasta, Pastificio Faella, Gragnano, Italien.

Handmade IGP-certified pasta since 1907!

Linguine means small tongue in Italian and is a narrow band paste. It is served traditionally to various sauces with seafood and fish, for example with vongol mussels.

Made in the traditional way from Durum semolina wheat and spring water. Bronze rolled and slowly air dried (24h-60h) at a maximum of 48 ° C. Classified as one of the best in the world! The pasta is available in a variety of varieties. Faella Linguine’s have a thin flat shape, and are great with any preparation.

When cooked, these Linguine fill the room with the intense aroma of freshly baked bread and toasted grain. Their slightly rough, porous texture creates an ideal surface for collecting sauces, and their consistency is firm and chewy - just be sure to cook it al dente to fully savor its flavor and texture! The hard durum semola flour used to make Linguine Faella is 100% Italian semola di grano duro. 

Preparation: 1 serving about 56g. Boil under high power in well-salted water, at least 1l water per 100g pasta (7 liters per 1 kg pasta). Boil on high power for about 10-12 minutes. Stir regularly.

Pasta Faella is crafted according to tradition in the legendary birthplace of Italian dried pasta, Gragnano, south of Napels in the region of Campania.

This pasta is real Italian pasta at its best. 

    1. Durum Wheat Semolina, Durum Vehnä Semolina, Durum Vete Semolina 
    2. Water, Vettä, Vatten
    1. Energy, Energia, Energi; 1521kJ / 359Kcal
    2. Fat, Rasvaa, Fett 1,4g
    3. Saturated fat, Tyydyttyneitä rasvaa, Mättat fett 0,3g
    4. Carbohydrates, Hiilihydraatit, Kolhydrater 73g
    5. Of which sugars, Joista sokeria, Varav socker 3,3g
    6. Fiber, Kuitu, Fiber 2,1g
    7. Protein, Proteiini, Protein 13g
    8. Salt, Suolaa, Salt 0g
    1. Store in a cool, dry, dark place.
    2. Säilytetään kuivassa ja viileässä, ei auringonvalossa.
    3. Förvaras torrt och svalt, ej i solljus.
    4. Best before, Parasta ennen, Bäst före 10/2023
    1. Wheat, Vehnä, Vete
    2. Contains gluten, Sisältää gluteenia, Innehåller gluten

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