Finca La Torre - PICUDO. Bottle 250ml.

FT0144025 Picudo. Finca La Torre, Andalucia, España. 250ml.

Picudo single estate. This organic extra virgin olive oil of the Picudo variety features a delicate, fresh fruit flavor, with hints of green almond and grass. This medley complements its overall bitterness and spiciness. The Picudo Selection is fantastic for breakfasts with traditional breads, panettone and pastries. With tasting sensations as cinnamon, citrus and exotic fruits it also works well in a Caesar's sallad.

    1. Picudo 100%
    1. Energy, Energia, Energi; kJ/884Kcal
    2. Fat, Rasvaa, Fett 100g
    3. Saturated fat, Tyydyttyneitä rasvaa, Mättat fett 18g
    4. Of which monounsaturated, Joista kertatyydyttymättömiä, Varav enkelomättat fett 70g
    5. Of which polyunsaturated fat, Joista monityydyttymättömiä, Fleromättat fett 12g
    6. Carbohydrates, Hiilihydraatit, Kolhydrater 0g
    7. Of which sugars, Joista sokeria, Varav socker 0g
    8. Protein, Proteiini, Protein 0g
    9. Salt, Suolaa, Salt 0g
    1. Store in a cool, dry, dark place.
    2. Säilytetään kuivassa ja viileässä, ei auringonvalossa.
    3. Förvaras torrt och svalt, ej i solljus.
    4. Best before, Parasta ennen, Bäst före 09/2021
    1. n/a

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