PF0202500 Paccheri Senatore Cappelli, IGP-pasta, Pastificio Faella, Gragnano, Italien.

Handmade IGP-certified pasta since 1907! Our "Premium Line" with only 100% Italian Senatore Cappelli wheat is available again!

Senatore Cappelli durum wheat is an ancient grain, an old variety of wheat, 100% Italian and 100% organic, which has remained authentic and original for over a century. Recently rediscovered and re-evaluated due to its special properties that have remained completely unchanged over time: the valuable nutritional content, with a particularly high intake of protein and a rich full-bodied taste, making it a very popular flour for making high-quality bread and pasta.

The result is a pasta with an intense, tasty aroma, with good cooking yield and above all excellent digestibility that is better for gluten-sensitive people. Durum wheat "Senatore Cappelli" is an autumn variety (chosen by agronomist and geneticist Nazareno Strampelli in 1915), which had a good performance during these years due to its great adaptability, rusticity and excellent quality of its semolina.

Pastificio Faella's durum wheat ‘Paccheri Senatore Cappelli’ pasta is perfect for rediscovering the typical flavors of simple and authentic food from the past and is a product of excellent quality both in taste and selection of ingredients.

Preparation: 1 serving about 56g. Boil under high power in well-salted water, at least 1l water per 100g pasta (7 liters per 1kg pasta). Boil on high power for about 12-14 minutes. Stir regularly!

Pasta Faella is crafted according to tradition in the legendary birthplace of Italian dried pasta, Gragnano, south of Napels in the region of Campania.

This pasta is real Italian pasta at its best. 

    1. Durum Wheat Semolina, Durum Vehnä Semolina, Durum Vete Semolina 
    2. Water, Vettä, Vatten
    1. Energy, Energia, Energi; 1521kJ / 359Kcal
    2. Fat, Rasvaa, Fett 1,4g
    3. Saturated fat, Tyydyttyneitä rasvaa, Mättat fett 0,3g
    4. Carbohydrates, Hiilihydraatit, Kolhydrater 73g
    5. Of which sugars, Joista sokeria, Varav socker 3,3g
    6. Fiber, Kuitu, Fiber 2,1g
    7. Protein, Proteiini, Protein 13g
    8. Salt, Suolaa, Salt 0g
    1. Store in a cool, dry, dark place.
    2. Säilytetään kuivassa ja viileässä, ei auringonvalossa.
    3. Förvaras torrt och svalt, ej i solljus.
    4. Best before, Parasta ennen, Bäst före 04/2023
    1. Wheat, Vehnä, Vete
    2. Contains gluten, Sisältää gluteenia, Innehåller gluten

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