Rui Simeão - Flor de Sal. 250g. Refill bag.

RS1354025 Flor de Sal, Rui Simeão, Algarve, Portugal. Plastic refill 250g.

Sea salt from the Atlantic Ocean. D.O.P. certified.
From the fifth generation 'Salineiro', Rui Simeao in Tavira on Portugal's southern tip comes this fantastically tasty sea salt. The largest proportion of the world's salt is found in our seas, from which man has been retrieving it since ancient times. Sea salt is extracted by water being led into so-called salines, which are shallow basins or ponds. In the salins, the water slowly evaporates under hot sun and fanning winds. When enough water has evaporated, nature's processes take off and the salt crystals begin to form. This is because there are no longer enough water molecules left to keep the salt dissolved. Eventually, the so-called salt flowers are formed on the water surface and then harvested daily into boxes for drying. After harvesting, the salt is purified and sorted into different categories, and is then ready to be packaged. The consumer receives a 100% natural product.
Although Rui Simeao is no longer a youth, he continues to harvest his salt in the same artisanal way as the four generations before him.

D.O.P. In this case, it is a product or genus: originating in that region, that particular place or country. where quality or characteristics are essentially or exclusively in the specific geographical environment, including natural and human factors, and where production, processing and preparation take place in the defined geographical area.

    1. Salt
    1. Energy, Energia, Energi; kJ/0Kcal
    2. Fat, Rasvaa, Fett 0g
    3. Carbohydrates, Hiilihydraatit, Kolhydrater 0g
    4. Protein, Proteiini, Protein 0g
    5. Salt, Suolaa, Salt 95,7g
    6. Potassium 85 mg
    7. Magnesium 930mg
    8. Iodine 43 mg
    1. Store in a cool, dry, dark place.
    2. Säilytetään kuivassa ja viileässä.
    3. Förvaras torrt och svalt.
    4. Best before, Parasta ennen, Bäst före  n/a
    1. n/a

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