Tavira Sal, Rui Simeão - Algarve, Portugal

Tavira Sal, Rui Simeão - Algarve, Portugal

DOP certified salt produced by Rui Simeão in an area belonging to the Ria Formosa National Park outside of Algarve in Portugal. 
The Gold of the Algarve
It is crystallized Atlantic cream in clay salt pans, using the natural resources that are: sea water, solar and wind energy.

These 3 elements of nature together provide a thin film of crystals floating in the pink bed of the butchers and from where they are removed daily and up to twice a day, if the conditions are suitable for their formation.

At the time of collection the salt flower is deposited in perforated boxes to drain and dry in the saline itself and then stored in a warehouse to finish draining.

Subsequently, it is placed in packaging for consumption without undergoing any kind of processing so that the consumer obtains a 100% natural product.
The Snow of the Algarve
Crystallized at the bottom of the butchers (from the same salt pans where the Salt Flower is harvested) from where it is produced and harvested by completely traditional methods, every two weeks.

The salt produced in this saline has characteristics and quality appearance visible to the naked eye, such as degree of cleanliness, colouring dependent on atmospheric conditions (may eventually
yellowish colour if it rains, but maintaining its quality), as well as in the analytical aspect demonstrated by the analysis carried out on each production lot.

The water of the Atlantic Ocean rich in mineral salts is the source of this saline.

The salt is extracted during the months of June to September, by the marnotos (men possessing the art of extracting salt) who when extracting put the salt but barachas of the navies to dry being
transported to the warehouses where it will be sheltered from weather or dust, until it is properly packed without undergoing any kind of transformation, so that the consumer obtains a 100% natural product.
Since the year 2000 uninterrupted the Flower of Salt and Handmade Salt produced in this unit, are certified products, by the certifies Nature & Progrés (France) with its own notebook of standards of preparation of salt pans and SATIVA (Portugal), which audits the production and analysis of the final product, by protocol between the certifies, accredited in IFOAM

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) is the name that is assigned to a product whose production, processing and elaboration take place in a geographical area delimited with a recognized and verified know-how.

In this case, it is a product or type:
•Originating in that region, from that particular place or from that country,
•Where quality or characteristics are essentially or exclusively due to the
geographical environment, including natural and human factors, and where production, transformation and elaboration take place in the delimited geographical area.

Therefore, the Salt Flower produced in this saline is named Flor de Sal de Tavira DOP like The Artisal Salt has the designation of Tavira DOP Salt, with the symbols. 

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